Keith's Used Cars, LLC Privacy Policy

This document contains the official policy of Keith's Used Cars, LLC regarding information gathered from standard website usage, as well as the information you provide when utilizing our website. The amount and type of information collected will depend on how the site is used.

Standard Website Usage:
When performing standard usage of our website, personal information such as name, mailing address, email address, phone number, or social security number is not collected or stored. The only information collected and stored during standard website usage is the name of your Internet service provider, IP address, the website you visited last, the pages you request, and the time and date of said requests. This information is gathered to generate analytics and statistics. We monitor our website activity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness for our users. Any information collected is only shared within the company of Keith's Used Cars, LLC.

Personal Information:
There are instances where Keith's Used Cars, LLC may ask you to provide specific personal information when completing and online form. An instance like this may occur when using one of our online services such as buying a used car, or submitting an online credit application. It is entirely optional for any individual to complete one of these forms. If you choose to utilize one of these online services, Keith's Used Cars, LLC may require you to provide such personal identification information. If you choose to submit personal information to Keith's Used Cars, LLC, you agree and understand that Keith's Used Cars, LLC may store, access, and utilize your customer profile information. Keith's Used Cars, LLC may share said personal information with reputable credit agencies as authorized by federal and state laws, only as lawfully permitted and/or required. This information is gathered for various reasons, including but not limited to informing you of products and services of Keith's Used Cars, LLC, and any special offers.

Privacy Policy